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Starts Saturday 15th January - Ends Saturday 3rd December

How does the Eclectic work?

When a player plays in a Saturday golf event which is not a special event (i.e club championships) their score on each hole is compared to previous rounds in the year. The lowest score made on each hole is recorded, producing an 18-hole score.

Example: A player plays three games of golf; in game 1, the players makes a 6 on the 1st hole; in game 2, a 4 on the 1st hole; and in game 3, a 7 on the 1st hole. The players eclectic score for the first hole is the lowest of these 3 scores, which is a 4

Entry is free and automatic to all financial members, and there is no requirement to play in all rounds. The more you play the better your chances to attain a low score for each hole.

Handicap will be 50% of your G.A handicap as at the last round you play in the Eclectic which finishes on Saturday 4th December.

Prizes are awarded to best gross and best nett winners in each of the three grades, A, B and C. 

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