Moruya Golf Club


Moruya Golf Club introduces our newly increased $1000 Members' Age Draw which will be drawn the first four Friday nights of November.

This draw will commence at the conclusion of our Friday Mega Meat Raffles between 7.30pm and 8pm and is worth $1000 CASH should your name be drawn first. If the draw does not go off it will continue to be redrawn until $100 is given away to the specified age group to a maximum of 10 draws. 

1st Friday of the Month - 18-35 year olds

2nd Friday of the Month - 36 - 50 year olds

3rd Friday of the Month - 51 - 65 year olds

4th Friday of the Month - 66+ Year olds

On this night there will also be the Members Badge Draw, Mega Meat Raffles and the Double Green Restaurant will be open for delicious meals.